Walkie Talkie #291
Mischa Christen

Sonntag, 3. Januar 2021

14 square meters

«My own situation with a long-distance relationship and the impossibility of meeting my girlfriend in Milan or Lucerne due to the closing of the borders between the two countries for an indefinite time, let me document the entire spring with a personal work, expanded with the work here presented:

It’s a total of 412 screenshots of my girlfriend over the term of the lockdown of Milan and the Lombardy region, which I captured without her knowledge during our daily facetime conversations – often late at night.

The first and only screenshot I made before the lockdown of Milan and the Lombardy region on February 16th. The second screenshot exactely one month later on March 16th – the day the Swiss government announced the nationwide lockdown.

In March I captured three more screenshots. All other pictures were taken in April and until the end of May.

The selection shown here contains 180 screenshots, which are listed chronologically and unedited.»

Mischa Christen, 2020