Walkie Talkie #15Grégory Sugnaux

Donnerstag, 2. April 2020

Grégory SugnauxHole, 2020acrylic and gouache on canvas, 40 x 30 cmParis

«I have seen you before but I didn’t remember your shirt was so blue and your mouth so open. We have met among the many faces I come across daily when my fingers move through screens – when my mind instantly forgets but my eyes do not.

I have seen you before but I can’t remember your name even though someone is calling you from the front seat. It starts with a K or a R and ends with a N or an O. Your parents chose it because of their favorite character in that sitcom they use to watch when they just met. Now they only look at the videos they made of you with small cameras, capturing moments they estimate worthy to be captured.

Moments like this one. When the color of your skin differs from one minute to the other and your hair drips from the top of your head.

I have seen you before but I didn’t remember that very second when your nose was so tense and the trees through the window were so leafy but maybe if I try hard enough, maybe if I get closer to your tongue, close enough to count your teeth but still too far to hear you scream, maybe then I can re-imagine the seconds before this and the ones after.

Because isn’t that what you want me to do, re-imagine?»

Camille Kaiser, mars 2020

Grégory Sugnaux (1989) lives and works between Paris and Fribourg. After a residency at the art school la Cambre in Brussels, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the art school in Valais (ECAV) in 2013 and a Master’s degree in Bern (HKB) in 2017. In 2015, he received the Kiefer Hablitzel prize and won an artistic residency the following year in Berlin. The City of Fribourg granted him a residency at the Jean Tinguely Atelier of the Cité internationale des arts in Paris, from September 2019. Grégory Sugnaux has exhibited in many independent art spaces, notably in Lokal-int, Bienne (2019), in Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, Cully (2018), and in the group exhibitions Fribi White Card, Fri Art, Fribourg, and in Centre d’Art Contemporain d’Yverdon-les-bains in 2017. Since 2016, he has been co-curator of the artspace WallRiss in Fribourg. Définitif, donc provisoire, his first solo show in an institution took place at Fri Art.




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